Can Working From Home Really Bring in $4,000+ a Month?


() - We have been asked by many of our visitors if work from home programs are real and if they can really provide an income that can sustain a family. Work at home programs have been around for a while and since hi-speed internet has been has become standard in America many people have turned to the internet to provide supplemental income for their families. In fact we've talked to several people who have ditched their day jobs to work from home full-time.

When work from home programs became a booming an industry to make excellent income, the market began being targeted by con-artists and people who were trying to cheat the system which once threatened to destroy the industry. Since then the industry has been able to weed out a lot of the companies and people who once jeopardized this industry.

We decided to take an in depth look into some of these programs and to sort out the best from the worst and to determine which of these can really provide an income that someone can live on. We put our highly trained team to the task to evaluate offers to distinguish between bogus and real ones. They were also given a ranking sheet to rate between 1-10 on:

• •    How easy it was to create an account

• •    How easy it was to search for available work

• •    Was the application process for those jobs reasonably simple to complete

• •    Was the ratio of jobs to candidates reasonable

• •    How flexible were they in arranging payments for the services performed by members

• •    What was the quality of their customer service team

• •    Overall hours to earnings

Our research team came up with a list of the 10 most promising companies that appeared to offer a real opportunity for those who were looking to work from home. Once our team setup the accounts and secured assignments we began evaluate their results. The test ran for a full month and within a few days we eliminated 5 of the 10 sites for one or more reasons. Most of the time it was due to difficulty in getting assignments on a consistent basis.

Of the 5 remaining candidates our team eliminated another 2 . In both instances we determined that the work assigned was overly difficult or just had poor instructions and we were unable to get the clarification needed.
Though the last 3 scored well we had one clear winner that stood out from the rest after the one month of testing.

The  Online BusinessSystem earned top scores in every category and while the others often weren’t that far behind in some of the categories, they each had at least one significant shortcoming. This company scored highly on every criteria and their final tally was 9.6 out of a possible 10. The number 2 and 3 company’s scored 7.7 and 7.4 respectively.

The Online Business System lowest score was received on the payment flexibility criterion. That was an 8 and it came because their only payment option were either a direct deposit or a check in the mail. The other 2 companies also offered a debit card, issued through a partner bank into which payment could be received and money could be accessed.
Our average earnings with this company were also at least 12% higher than with the others at just under $4,000 per month. They also needed to work just an average of 18 hours a week to reach this earnings level where the other two sites averaged 24 and 27 hours respectively.

So if you are still wondering if the work from home model works, we can tell you that it does. Here are the things you will need before signing up:

• •    Good internet access

• •    A checking or savings account to receive direct deposits or to be able to deposit a check into.

• •    At least 1 hour a day to devote to assignments.

How to signup:

Step 1
Click here on this link, fill out a basic online form and get registered at The Online Business System  

Step 2
Follow the simple instructions at The Online Business System to set up your work account.

Step 3
You should receive your first check within a week or so. Or you can start to have them wire directly into your bank account. (Your first check could be as much as $500 to $1,500 a week depending on how much effort you put into it.)




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